A project by Microgeographies;

Participatory Mapping Mechanisms

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Participatory Territorial Narrative Mechanisms


in the field of Urban Patterns.

The aim of the activity was to introduce the public to the popular printing method. We set up a printing machine built by Dimitra Vasilakou/ metoo communication design, who together with Antonia Melianou talked to us about screen printing and its multiple applications. And we printed a pattern* with their help.

We see the printing of the Micrographics pattern on different materials and objects

*The motif represents a fragment from the archaeological site of the Roman Agora, near the Horologion of Kyrrestos (Aeres). This particular site is a point of reference, narrative and action in the Microgeographs.

"The action is part of the pilot project POLI2 implemented by the "This is Athens" of the municipality of Athens". #thisisathens #polistotetragono #CityofAthens #loveAthens